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5 steps to building your own website

1 Start. On this step, you choose whether to create a site from scratch or create a site using one of the proposed site templates (site, blog, photo gallery, etc.)

The chosen site style is indicated with the ‘tick’ symbol  

Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen to start working on the design of your site.

2 Design. On this step, you configure your site layout, colour scheme, menu style, logo and banner, as well as setup text elements that appear within your site, such as the title phrase, headings etc.

3 Pages. On this step, you configure the structure of your site and arrange the pages how you want them to appear on the web.

4 Edit. On this step, you create and edit the content of your site pages - completely customise your website how you wish

5 Publish. On this step, you publish your site on the Internet - making it live for the world to see

The five steps to take when you start building a website with Site Builder are:

Choosing a ready made website design  >>

Configuring the page structure of your site  >>

Adding content to your website  >>

Publishing your website on the internet  >>

One of the quickest ways to learn the power of Site Builder is by watching our Online Video Tutorials